Collagen Facial /100%/ is a top of the range treatment during which the collagen molecules penetrate into your skin to retard ageing, recover loss of firmness/elasticity, even color tone, enhance moisture level, oxygenate, oxidize and protect natural skin collagen. In just one treatment we can prove that your skin can look younger and suppler.

  • Your skin will be cleansed with a gentle milky cleanser in order to remove make-up, excess of oils and impurities.
  • After the skin has been cleansed it is ready for exfoliation. Such products, like Gommage Exfoliant, which has gentle grains, help to slough off the dead skin cell layer leaving the skin remarkably smooth and promoting cellular regeneration.
  • After exfoliation the skin is ready for the real thing – we will massage your face with a highest concentration of collagen, and followed by a galvanic treatment and/or microcurrent waves to let the product act deeper into the surface.
  • A mask and a cream will crown it, like in most of our treatments.
Collagen Facial


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