www.phytomer.com - the skin care line that we carry and have worked with for over 20 years!
www.dynamis-therapeutics.com - the best selling cream for all skin types
www.nailtique.com - for maintenance of healthy nails and hands
www.sttropeztan.com - for the perfect tan
www.depileve.com - the best wax manufacturer
.www.pureenchantment.com - shea butter hand bars, 100% organic
www.eminenceorganics.com - the maker of the hot paprika facial
www.tendskin.com - the weapon against ingrown hairs
www.physicianscomplex.com - Lip enhancer
www.epilar.net - permanent hair removal; The Epilar® System works on the hair follicles that are left empty after waxing or other depilation, specifically on hairs that are active and in the growth phase.
www.rdazzle.com - Australia’s best eucalyptus oil
www.gracesdayspa.isagenix.com  - cleansing and Fat Burning System; a natural way to a better health and leaner body



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